Working out every day can be tedious. Go to work, get to the gym, jump on the treadmill, jump off the treadmill, check yourself out in the mirror, head to the weights, work the same routine, and maybe even go to a Body Sculpt class 🙂 ! Getting into a routine is just as much fun as knowing what you are getting for Christmas.


Get out of your routine, and onto a plan.

First step: Set a goal.

Why are you working out? Is it because you are going away for Christmas vacation and you want to feel good in that polka dot bathing suit you have never been able to fit into? Or you are just recovering from a “setback” and you want to be back to your old self? Or maybe you just like to challenge yourself. Whatever your niche may be, find it! Write it down and put it somewhere where you will see everyday; on your mirror, at your desk, on the outside of your water bottle. This will remind you daily of your goal and keep you on task.


Step Two: Share the Wealth- Tell Friends, Family, Co-workers!

Setting a goal, and achieving a goal are two different things. Once you set a goal, you need to find a way to hold yourself accountable. What a better way to hold yourself accountable than to tell the people you surround yourself with. For example, when you tell Aunt Betty about how you are training for a 5k, next time Aunt Betty sees you she is going to ask how your training is going. Sharing your goals with others may inspire others to join in on the fun, or even allow them to find a niche of their own! Tell everyone what you’re training for, or what your goal is; when you want to accomplish this goal by or race day; and how you are going to accomplish it. Sometimes goals can feel distant but re-emphasizing your commitment and plan indicates that you are self-involved in achieving this goal.

Step Three: Make a Plan

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

In order to see progress, you need to know where you are starting at. Make an assessment. Say your goal is to do 15 push ups in a row in four weeks time; right now you can do three solid push ups. News flash: You are not going to go from three push ups to fifteen over night; it is going to take work. Starting to feel overwhelmed?  Break down your goal into smaller short term goals. For example:

Week 1: Complete 5 push ups

Week 2: Complete 10 push ups

Week 3: Complete 12 push ups

Week 4: Complete 15 push ups!

Keep track of your short term goals and the workouts you are doing. So later on when you are looking back, you can see your progress and the successes you had along the way.

Even if you don’t complete your goal by week 4, you have achieved smaller goals that you can attest to!

Step Four: Celebrate!

Congratulations! You achieved it! You have put in all this hard work and commitment for this feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment! You should feel proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a big HUG if you find it necessary).  Now it is time to celebrate! I am NOT saying invite your friends over for a kegger to PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!


Look back at what you’ve accomplished, the training you did, and who helped you along the way. When it comes to achievements, we never do it all on our own (as much as we like to believe that). Especially when achieving greatness, there is always someone or something that drove us to our limits, to accomplish our goal. Thank those who have encouraged you, pushed you, or simply just asked how it went. We are all human; a thank you can go a long way.

Overall, you should feel proud of yourself. You committed time and effort towards achieving this goal and to say the least you made some sacrifices along the way.  (Shopping or Gym? GYM!) It is VITAL to feel accomplishment and remind yourself of what you went through to get there. Next challenge you will look at it straight in the face and say, “If I did that, I can do this.”



At the beginning of November I was introduced to the Turkish Getup. Then, my roommate showed me a video of Neghar Fonooni doing the TGU with a 28kg (she was 123lbs mind you). I got motivated. What did I do? I made a plan. The first month I worked with a 12kg, to get the technique and form down.

December 1st: I wanted to do a TGU with a 16kg

February 1st:  TGU with a 20kg

Mid-March: TGU with 24kg

May: TGU with 28kg

With the help from my roommates and Ryan Kelaghan, I achieved my goal. Ryan and I have been doing kettlebell and circuit training to advance our workouts and achieve our goals. Ryan is currently using 24kg for his TGU, working his way to a 32kg. As for me, it is December 1st and I achieved my goal!



About trainwickedhard

About Me: My name is Ana Tocco. I am a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and walked on to the Womens' Rowing team where I dedicated three years to my athletic career. We were a successful crew winning A-10 Championship, Dad Vail Regatta, and US Rowing Collegiate Championship races. Before college, I played soccer and basketball and I still have the passion of team sports. I completed my internships at BNS Sports Science in Salem, MA and Athletic Evolution in Woburn ,MA. I was a Personal Trainer at FitCorp and currently am a Strength Coach/ Personal Trainer at Boyle's Strength and Conditioning Facility. I am RKC(Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Certified, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and have my NSCAA Level IV Soccer Coaching Diploma and am a goalkeeper coach for Arlington High, Arlington, MA. If you are interested in working together to meet your fitness goals contact me at My specialties include: Kettlebell Training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Circuit Training, Weight Loss, and Muscular Endurance Training.
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