Strength Coach Round Table Discussion II

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s one thing that you have learned that has helped you grow in this industry?

Brendon: Experience is everything. You can read the books, take the classes, watch the DVD’s, get your certifications, but it won’t mean anything until you put it into practice. The best way to learn how to train people is to actually TRAIN people. The more experience you get the more and more you learn. When you have clients of all different ages, sizes, sports, injuries, goals…. you are forced to learn and forced to adjust to that individual. That is something a book can never teach you, it comes with experience. The more and more I train people, the more I realize that it is experience that matters, not how much you actually know.

Brendon is NSCA-PT Certified. Recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Brendon is currently working at Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning in Woburn, MA and Accelerated Fitness in Lexington, MA.

Check out more of Brendon’s coaching cues at

Kevin: I can’t say there is a singular “thing” that I have learned that has set me up for success but the continuing progression of learning to be a great coach has been huge for me. For me being a great coach for whatever athletes I cross paths with is my number one priority. For any strength coach looking to be successful that should top the list. Be a great coach and success will find you, you won’t have to look for it. Going out consistently spending long days working in the gym is what has helped me grow and what will continue to help me progress further.

Kevin is certified through NSCA with his CSCS. Kevin is a recent graduate of University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in psychology. Kevin completed his internship at Boyle’s Strength & Conditioning in 2008 and in 2009 and continues to work there as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.

Check out Kevin’s blog at This past weekend he competed in the 2010 AAU Big Iron Christmas Challenge and won First Place in the Bench Press. Congrats Kevin! 

Henry: To seek out and learn from the best. There is a reason the leaders in this industry are leading it.  They have the most success in their respective areas and with their athletes.  Strength and conditioning is what it is; it makes athletes stronger, more powerful, better conditioned, and prevent injury. The only difference is how certain principles are applied to make the most effective program for the athlete. Having interned for Cressey Performance, I have seen a specialized approached for strength and conditioning best suited for baseball athletes in a private setting.  While interning for College of Holy Cross, I have seen how principles are applied to baseball athletes in a collegiate setting that have a lot more limitations than a private strength and conditioning facility. 

Same thing applies if it is a single goal of fat loss or muscle gain. I would look for coaches who have had the most success with a lot of different clients. In this industry, working with individuals is very dynamic; settings change, goals change, schedules change and etc. This is why it is good to learn from the best and take their view on things, never turn something down that has worked well for someone. It is another tool in the tool box to use if needed.

In the end, one has to learn as much possible from individuals leading this field to gain the knowledge they have in a much shorter time period, so in the future one can possibly lead instead of follow.

Henry is ACSM-PT Certified. He graduated from University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Exercise Science. He is currently at College of Holy Cross as a strength coach for athletes and a personal trainer at Equinox.



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About Me: My name is Ana Tocco. I am a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and walked on to the Womens' Rowing team where I dedicated three years to my athletic career. We were a successful crew winning A-10 Championship, Dad Vail Regatta, and US Rowing Collegiate Championship races. Before college, I played soccer and basketball and I still have the passion of team sports. I completed my internships at BNS Sports Science in Salem, MA and Athletic Evolution in Woburn ,MA. I was a Personal Trainer at FitCorp and currently am a Strength Coach/ Personal Trainer at Boyle's Strength and Conditioning Facility. I am RKC(Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Certified, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and have my NSCAA Level IV Soccer Coaching Diploma and am a goalkeeper coach for Arlington High, Arlington, MA. If you are interested in working together to meet your fitness goals contact me at My specialties include: Kettlebell Training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Circuit Training, Weight Loss, and Muscular Endurance Training.
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  1. Jon Mangel says:

    All great points, especially about experience. Henry is definitely right about the difference between a college and private setting.

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