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Turkish Get Up

Congrats to Ryan for accomplishing his goal: 32kg TGU! As for me, I completed the 24kg TGU. Still working my way to the 28kg by March! Thanks for watching and stay posted for my 28kg TGU! Advertisements

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Kettlebell Circuit

Try this kettlebell workout!  Warmup: Foam Roll 4 Part Squat   x10 Spidermans x5 Kettlebell Workout:  Repeat x4 Kneeling Halo x10 Single Arm Swing x10 Double Clean & Press  x5 Enjoy!

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Strength Coach Round Table Discussion III

Strength Coach Round Table Discussion: How did you get started in the Strength and Conditioning World? Brendon: My start in this business is almost the same as everyone else… I played sports growing up my whole life and the weight room became … Continue reading

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I was always into making the list of New Years Resolutions. It would typically consist of: 1. Exercise more.  2. Eat healthy. 3. Read more books. 4. Do something nice for someone else. 5. Donate to charity 6. Get more … Continue reading

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