This past weekend I attended the RKC Workshop in Philly and became RKC certified 🙂 It was an amazing weekend of coaching, learning, and working out. I met some great people and learned A LOT! Such a great experience, I would recommend everyone checking it out! 

Here are five tips/ techniques I learned over the weekend that I wanted to share!

Corrective Strategy: Towel Swing

If you have a client use the towel swing, it will raise any issues your client is having with the swing. Depending on where the disconnect is (hips not coming through all the way or trying to raise kettle bell with arms), this drill will find it. If you find that the towel presents an unbearable about of problems, set the bell down, and go back and assess the dead lift. When you feel confident with their dead lift, resume to the swing.

Don’t confuse the drill with the skill.

When coaching kettlebells, just like anything else, there are drills to enhance the skill. For example, you would perform towel swings with a client until it looks smooth, then perform the skill: the swing. If they are getting their hips through or finally making all of the correct connections within the swing, you do not need to use the towel swing any longer.

Some get the drill confused with the skill. If they have the ability to perform the movement (the skill) there is no need to harp on the drill. Make sense?

Fix the cause of the movement, not the problem.

When coaching, we tend to see what the athlete is doing improperly. However, even if we see knees forward in a deadlift, we aren’t going to coach, “don’t bring your knees forward.” We would simply say, “butt back,” and the athlete or client tends to understand.

This way they are focusing on a movement rather than focusing on what NOT to do.

This  also allows the athlete or client do the movement naturally rather than thinking, “don’t let the knees go forward” or “don’t lean back”.

I think this was the coolest thing out of the whole weekend to bring back—because as coaches we do it naturally—but realizing why we do it was a different aspect I had not thought about.

“Press is like a rocket shuttle, swing is like a bullet.”

As the rocket shuttle takes off, it accelerates as it gets higher. In the press,  as you get closer to the lock out, the tension increases. The press is not a wind up —your whole body works to get that weight above your head.  Brace and then press up rather than brace, hold, and then press up. You can muscle the lighter weight, but when you are trying to put up something that matters, the brace and hold will not work.

When you fire a bullet, once you pull the trigger, the bullet sets off. There is no acceleration as it progresses. Same in the swing! Set the lats, hike the bell and pop the hips! Once you pop the hips, the bell already has a projected finish and the floats. Just a cool way to think of it!

3 P’s of the Snatch: Pop, Pull, Punch

This is a simple way of breaking down the snatch. Pop of the hips, high pull with a locked out wrist, and a punch at the top of the movement.

Here is a video for a progression for the snatch:



About trainwickedhard

About Me: My name is Ana Tocco. I am a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and walked on to the Womens' Rowing team where I dedicated three years to my athletic career. We were a successful crew winning A-10 Championship, Dad Vail Regatta, and US Rowing Collegiate Championship races. Before college, I played soccer and basketball and I still have the passion of team sports. I completed my internships at BNS Sports Science in Salem, MA and Athletic Evolution in Woburn ,MA. I was a Personal Trainer at FitCorp and currently am a Strength Coach/ Personal Trainer at Boyle's Strength and Conditioning Facility. I am RKC(Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Certified, a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and have my NSCAA Level IV Soccer Coaching Diploma and am a goalkeeper coach for Arlington High, Arlington, MA. If you are interested in working together to meet your fitness goals contact me at toccoana@gmail.com. My specialties include: Kettlebell Training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training, Circuit Training, Weight Loss, and Muscular Endurance Training.
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  1. Lauren Tefft says:

    Love it!!! Over and out 🙂

  2. Kristen Ward says:

    Awesome Ana Tocco!!!!!!!!!!! inspiration , )

  3. Awesome post! We need to catch up…I wanna hear all about it! 🙂

  4. Ahh! you make those lose so easy! I am 99% sure I would knock myself out cold if I tried that last one.

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