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Food, Inc. is a documentary that reveals how the nation’s food supply is influenced by a handful of corporations that are more focused on the profit before the consumer’s health. I would recommend watching the film, not to scare you … Continue reading

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Nutrition Ramble

Research has shown that a pre-workout type of shake helps promote protein synthesis better than a post workout shake. Does that mean if you drink two, you will get more protein synthesis? Most likely not. Protein synthesis happens in pulses, you cannot … Continue reading

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We are always looking for the best diet, the one with the fastest results. With these diets, we lose it, and then put it back on just as fast. With some exceptions to what people’s goals are, I am against … Continue reading

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More Than A Diet

A lot of people are interested in losing weight. As much as a huge advocate I am about working out, unfortunately, is not the only ingredient to success. Healthy lifestyle changes need to be taken. People want to lose weight … Continue reading

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